Coupon List 2023

Here is how the program works…

This program allows us to purchase merchant certificates from over 100 merchants, local and national, at various dollar levels. It is a dollar for dollar certificate. You receive what you pay for. The company in turn will rebate back to our school a percentage of the sales. This percentage varies based on the merchant. The school splits the rebate with you!! Best of all it costs you nothing more than the value of the certificate!

Going shopping at  Walmart, Target or Dierbergs? Purchase your certificates in the office before you go shopping. Many frequently used certificates, like grocery stores, restaurants,  and gas cards to BP &  Circle K are kept in stock and available in the office daily. Why not get some money back when you buy things you have to buy anyway?

If you buy gift cards for birthday and Christmas gifts, it is one stop shopping at Notre Dame Academy. To order certificates, just decide which merchant certificate you would like, the number of certificates you wish to purchase, and compute the total dollar amount for that merchant. After you have completed all the calculations simply write out a check, made payable to the Notre Dame Academy, and turn it into the office along with your order form. Credit cards are also accepted. The certificates usually take a week to receive and can be sent home with your child or picked up in the office. It’s as simple as that. What have you got to lose?