Each child is a unique creation of God and must be encouraged to use their gifts and talents for the betterment of self, as well as others.


  • Strong curriculum in child development which incorporates active, engaged, and meaningful learning
  • Math: Rote counting, readiness skills, identifying patterns, sorting
  • Preparation for reading: letter recognition, printing, letter sounds
  • Science: hands-on experiments, age appropriate projects in the Primary STEM lab
  • Developing Fine/Large Motor skills: rhythm sticks, small musical instruments, movement, introduction to physical education through activity games/ art using creative expression/music and poetry using repetition and lyrics to develop memory
  • Story time: retelling of a story, basic comprehension
  • Learning centers and creative play
  • Technology incorporated into daily learning with Nabi tablets through classroom centers
  • Emphasis on a consistent routine and continuity
  • Interaction with the primary students
  • Learning through manipulating, exploring, and experimenting with real objects.
  • Utilizing our gym and outdoor space for play, exploration, and social interaction