Welcome to the Notre Dame Academy website! We are happy that you are interested in our new school that focuses on educating the whole child for life in the 21st century through cutting-edge technology and fostering faith development, while building lasting relationships.

We have created this new school built on the history of three longstanding faith communities:  St. Peter Cathedral, St. Augustine of Canterbury, and St. Mary Parishes. These parishes have committed themselves to the life and mission of our school.

Notre Dame Academy promises our parents a safe learning environment for students where faith continues to grow in all our children from pre-school through eighth grade. Our faculty and staff were chosen for their dedication to the care and success of each child. As we join together in this new school, our students will be challenged to fulfill that mission in the way they accept and care for each other.

We would like to thank the parents for their time, talent, and treasure to build the success of our school. This partnership helps to create that outstanding learning environment that makes us Notre Dame!

We hope you choose Notre Dame Academy as the Catholic faith community to educate your child(ren) as we nurture creative problem solvers, independent life-long learners, and confident, responsible individuals.