• The culture of the school is based on experimentation, learning from mistakes, and developing the strengths of all students. Everyone is encouraged to have a can-do attitude; everyone can succeed.
  • High expectations, with continuity and consistency throughout all levels.
  • Emphasis on a love of reading that permeates school-wide activities.
  • Stimulating, motivating, and engaging instruction


  • Up-to-date Texts utilizing on line licenses in place: language arts, science, social science, and math.
  • Mornings include a three hour block schedule for language arts/ writing/math.
  • All ELA classes are taught simultaneously enabling students to move to their specific level for instruction.
  • Writing is a priority and incorporates Max’s Tools as an introduction to using Word, Excel, and Power Point in grades 1, 2, and 3 (first semester). During the second semester of Grade 3, students begin transitioning to using Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.
  • Math instruction occurs simultaneously in K-4.
  • Science and Social Studies classes are taught in the afternoons. They are hands on and the science lab is
  • Available for all grade levels as well as the outdoor campus.
  • Physical education, movement, rhythm, music classes, and art also encompass the afternoon schedule. Incorporating the arts is necessary for developing the brain as well as enabling the child become a complete learner.
  • Spanish is incorporated throughout all levels with kindergarten through 4th graders each having three class periods of instruction per week.
  • Cursive writing is taught, beginning in second grade.


  • Classrooms are equipped with a Hover Cam and SMART Board.
  • A certified teacher provides technology instruction at all grade levels a minimum of three times per week to develop new methods of instructions. At the third and fourth grade levels, keyboarding instruction begins.
  • Computers in our technology lab have touch screens, which are more user-friendly for primary students.
  • They will move toward individual devices by the end of fourth grade preparing for the transition to middle school.
  • Laptop/tablets sets are available for classroom use.
  • Age appropriate licensed software is incorporated throughout the curriculum which aligns with the present curriculum.


  • Third and fourth graders are trained as altar servers.
  • Rhythm and movement classes for kindergarten, first, and second graders
  • Recorder instruction for all third graders
  • Beginning Band available for all fourth graders
  • Choral performances at all levels
  • The student-student mentoring program that began over 35 years continues as the 8th grade mentors Kindergarten.