• Provide a faith filled environment for students to learn and grow into young adults and good citizens.
  • High expectations, encouraging students to do their best and set personal goals in behavior and academics.
  • Stimulating and motivating, one to one instruction help prepare students for the next level of learning in high school.



The Middle School Curriculum stays up to date. All subjects are computer/technology based. Our learning will be one-to-one. Each student will have his/her own laptop. The student’s day will consist of innovative scheduling. Besides core subjects, our students will be taught Spanish, Art, Music, Band, and PE. In addition, electives are offered each quarter.


  • Math lessons will be interactive and projects will consist of real life examples.
  • Students will compete in math competitions.
  • Althoff’s Honor’s Algebra class will be offered to 8th graders. When completed the students will earn high school credit to Althoff.


  • A newly remodeled and evolving science lab will be available to all students.
  • The science lab with equipped with up to date technology
  • Students will learn science by performing with hands on experiments.

Social Studies

  • Daily news will be incorporated into the weekly lesson plans.
  • Lessons will contain real life connections to history.


  • Sacramental preparations will continue for Confirmandi.
  • A School Sister of Notre Dame will be our Director of Religious Education
  • Priests will be present.
  • Long-range Confirmation prep with an emphasis on service projects.
  • Involved in Catholic Relief Services / World Missions
  • Religion projects will emphasis Church History , Sacraments, etc
  • Guest speakers will be invited to give real life connections to Religion.
  • School contains an on-site chapel

Language Arts

  • Language Arts consists of English, Reading, and Spelling.
  • Students will develop portfolios that have an emphasis on students writing.
  • Project-based learning
  • Use of Podcasts, audio books, book/story writing


  • One-to-one technology for students
  • Teachers will teach using interactive white boards, laptops, and/or tablets
  • On site production room where students can produce their own videos
  • Students will produce videos and technology-based presentations for various subjects.
  • Students will be exposed to cutting edge technology, including a 3D Printer

Activities (Based on Curriculum)

  • Active Scholar Bowl teams/equipment
  • Speech team
  • Math team
  • Robotics team
  • Chess Club
  • Yearbook

Learning “Beyond the Walls”

  • Connection to YMCA (PE, Fitness facilities)
  • Connection to Business Community (banking/life skills/personal accounting-budget)
  • Connection to Cottages Senior Living (inter-generational learning)
  • Connection to Arts (Art on Square; year-round opportunities)
  • Connection to Civic-Legal Centers (court house / city hall / first responders)
  • Connection to Lindenwood / SWIC (student teaching / mentors / visiting campus)
  • Connection to Catholic Radio (WRYT) several times each year
  • Connection to History museums (Social studies)
  • Connections to SAFB – visitors / speakers
  • Connection to Health Care Offices (science, career observation)
  • Connection to Belleville News Democrat (writing/publishing)
  • Connection to Liturgical Life of Cathedral (servers /youth music / docents/ greeters)