Bingo Sign Up 2018-2019

Please read below for Bingo Information 

Bingo floor workers: Arrive 6:30, Finish by 10:00 p.m.

Bingo Information

Bingo has continued to be an important fundraising source for the school. Bingo revenue (approx.  $40,000) is given to the  General Fund annually. These funds go towards paying the salaries of our teachers and staff and help provide various services to our students.  Working bingo also serves as an opportunity to get to know other parents, especially those in your child’s or children’s class(es).

Please remember that parents are required to work for each child in K-8. (Only one person per family is required to work on an assigned evening.)   If you are scheduled to work, and you cannot make it, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. If you are unable to work and are unable to find a replacement, you have four weeks to reschedule.  You need to call Lisa or Dan Baldus at 398-0903   If you fail to work and don’t reschedule or make it up within four weeks, you will have a $100 Missed Event fee added to your tuition account.