The Notre Dame Academy Athletic Committee supports all after school athletic programs for children enrolled in Notre Dame Academy by providing funds for uniforms, equipment, entry fees, and officials used by the various teams and a donation toward P.E. equipment as needed by the grade school. The Athletic Committee also pays the salary of the Athletic Director and coaches. The Athletic Director is responsible to find coaches for all teams with the approval of the principal. It is up to the coaches to decide who plays in which games. If there are any problems with sports, complaints are to go first to the coach involved. If the problem is not solved, the chain of command is the Athletic Director, the Principals, the Pastor, and then the School Board.

Athletics include soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, and track for girls and soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball and track for boys.

The purpose of our Athletic program is to provide an environment where students can develop individual skills, positive attitudes towards themselves and their team, and good sportsmanship towards fellow teammates and other teams.

Girl’s Softball 7th-8th August through September
Girl’s & Boys Soccer K-8th August through September
Boy’s Baseball 7th-8th August through September
Boy’s Basketball 5th-6th & 7th-8th October through January
Girl’s Basketball 5th-6th & 7th-8th October through December
Girl’s and Boy’s Track 5th-6th & 7th-8th March through May
Girl’s Volleyball 5th-6th & 7th-8th January through March
Boy’s Volleyball 5th-6th & 7th-8th January through March

Any student participating in our sports program will pay a fee of $50 per sport per athlete with a maximum of $150.00 per year per athlete and also SUPPORT any Fund Raisers that are held. All students participating in the sports program must have a physical exam each year, and have a copy of the report on file. This must be done prior to the first practice session. A permission form must be on file with the principal for each student participating in the Athletic Program: a parent or guardian should sign it. An emergency number for each child should also be on file.

All coaches must be in compliance with Child Protection Policy.