Middle School Curriculum – Cathedral Campus


  • Math lessons will be interactive and projects will consist of real life examples.
  • Students will compete in math competitions.
  • Althoff’s Honor’s Algebra class will be offered to 8th graders. When completed the students will earn high school credit to Althoff.


  • A newly remodeled and evolving science lab will be available to all students.
  • The science lab with equipped with up to date technology
  • Students will be given the opportunity to join a science club as an extracurricular activity.
  • A green space with be set aside to be used by the science class and/or the science club.


  • Daily news will be incorporated into the weekly lesson plans.
  • Lessons will contain real life connections to history.


  • Language Arts consists of English, Reading, and Spelling.
  • Students will develop portfolios that have an emphasis on students writing.
  • Project-based learning
  • Podcasts, audio books, book/story writing


  • Sacramental preparations will continue for Confirmandi.
  • A Nun will be our Director of Religious Education
  • Priests will be present.
  • Extracurricular activities, such as Junior St. Vincent de Paul Society will be offered.
  • Long-range Confirmation prep with an emphasis on service projects.
  • Involved in Catholic Relief Services / World Missions
  • Religion projects will emphasis Church History , Sacraments, etc
  • Guest speakers will be invited to give real life connections to Religion.
  • School contains an on-site chapel


  • One-to-one technology for students
  • Teachers will teach using interactive white boards, laptops, and/or tablets
  • On site production room where students can produce their own videos
  • Students will produce videos and technology-based presentations for various subjects.
  • Students will be exposed to cutting edge technology, such as 3D printers. Students will be exposed and learn how to use a 3D printer.


  • Yearbook
  • Active Scholar Bowl teams/equipment
  • Speech team
  • Math team
  • Chess Club
  • Science Club


  • Connection to YMCA (PE, Sports, Fitness, Swimming, facilities, equipment, personnel)
  • Connection to Health Care Offices (science, career observation)
  • Connection to Belleville News Democrat (writing/publishing)
  • Connection to Business Community (banking/life skills/personal accounting-budget)
  • Connection to Cottages Senior Living (inter-generational learning)
  • Connection to Arts (Art on Square; year-round opportunities)
  • Connection to St Louis Art Museum (through art teacher)
  • Connection to Civic-Legal Centers (court house / city hall / first responders)
  • Connection to Lindenwood / SWIC (student teaching / mentors / visiting campus)
  • Connection to Catholic Radio (WRYT) several times each year
  • Connection to History museums (Social studies)
  • Connections to SAFB – visitors / speakers
  • Connection to Liturgical Life of Cathedral (servers /youth music / docents/ greeters)